Painting Eggs


All week last week we blew eggs for our morning omelets, and saved the shells.  Over the weekend I started some rye in a pretty pot to hold the Easter branch.  Yesterday some friends joined us yesterday to paint the eggs, and brought some white eggs that they had saved.  We use just regular watercolors, since we are not going to eat them later.

The children, of course, painted one or two and ran off to play, while we sat and chatted and painted eggs.  The boys went outside to play with Mirin’s BB gun, and the girls curled up on the couch while Rose read Disney princess stories aloud from library books (she has been reading so much lately!).  So it was at least a very fun creative mom activity!

We still have a dozen eggs left un-painted yet.  Usually I have taken a needle and yarn and threaded it through the holes in the egg shell to make a loop to hang on the Easter branch.  Some eggs always crack in the process.  This year I think I will use glue.  I have been keeping an eye out for a good branch to hang our eggs on.

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