Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Angela Minno, and if I’m not homeschooling my three children, I’m probably in the garden, milking a cow, or chasing the goats.  My husband Ethan and I raise Nubian goats, a mixture of Jersey and Milking Devon cattle, and Gloucester Old Spot pigs in addition to a motley collection of poultry, which has included a diverse flock of chickens, heirloom turkeys, geese, and ducks.  We also offer Traditional Pork Butchery and European-style Charcuterie classes.

I love to cook, and am particularly passionate about creating recipes with all local or homegrown ingredients. I am inspired by how local cuisines from all over the world created delicious and healthy meals with just what was available, and I try to re-create that in my kitchen, using fresh ingredients from the garden, forest, orchard, or pasture.

In my garden, I grow many kinds of open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, and have recently been saving seeds to breed my own location-specific varieties.  One of my projects over the past few years has been to rescue the Dudley Farm corn, a historic local dent corn.  I love connecting with other people who farm or garden, to hear about what they are growing and how they are growing it.