The Start of The Season

All of us are sick today, a frustrating situation when there is so much to be done.  The beginning of this week was wasted in stumbling around with exhaustion from the cursed Daylight Savings Time.

Wednesday morning I was glancing at the clock, and then out the window, and realized I was going to boycott DST this year.  Just one hour makes such a difference, especially if your evening depends on solar time.  It seemed to me that the new time was even farther away from solar noon than the usual time.  All the clocks have been set back again, and it is such a relief.  It’s amazing how the psychology of what time the clock says has it’s affects.  I just have to remember to add an hour to find what time the rest of the poor fools are operating on.

This week the chickens moving through the garden helped us discover the turmeric I had planted last spring.  Once we got back from Europe, the weeds were so thick, I thought it hadn’t ever sprouted.  It was a small harvest from only four plants, so I will save the rhizomes to plant again.  I did take a nibble from one, and it seemed to help my cold.  I just love the glowing gold color of it.


Nearly everything in the winter garden (with the exception of the lettuce) has bolted and been pulled for Matilda and Geranium.  I do have this rogue patch of radishes where I had scattered old seeds….because I didn’t like the idea of throwing them away and not giving them a chance at life….I know that sounds so sentimental – I am.  And I am very glad I have radishes now.  We are still enjoying having radishes and butter before dinner.

The onion patch looks great this year.  I’ve never had so many onions and garlic before.

This doesn’t look like much, but it will hopefully sustain us this coming fall and winter.  I planted two rows of cassava stalks.  I was getting worried about the old stalks drying out.  Last I’d checked, a lot of them seemed in poor condition.  But when I went to find some to plant this week, I found that there were a lot with little leaf buds coming out.


The arugula is flowering, but the lettuce still looks beautiful.  This was a harvest for dinner the other day.  Soup and salad!

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