Cows on Rye and Green Teeth

We put the cows on the rye at last.  It was so difficult to get them out at first.  We thought they would gallop out, heels kicking and horns tossing and start inhaling the rye.  But they just sat with their heads poking through the other side of the hay ring and chewed while we clapped, called, and gestured wildy, trying to indicate that the gate was open.

We tried letting the goats out on the rye to see if that would make them come over.  The goats just ran in with the cows and tasted their hay bale and got stuck in the weaning paddock next to the milking shed.

Finally Isla, who is always preoccupied with her appetite more than anyone else, waddled over,and realized the gate was actually open (duh!).  At the sound of her ripping up mouthfuls of tender grass, the other animals perked up their ears and abandoned the hay.

They came running, except for Matilda, Flora, and Twilight Sparkle.  They were all in the weaning paddock by the milking shed and got confused.  They wanted to follow everyone out the same direction, and the gate is on the opposite side.  They had to be helped out before Matilda trampled the fence in desperation.  At least the calves stayed very close to their mothers this time.

The rye looked so tender and green, even Mirin and Rose tried some.




Clothilde had to try some, too.  The little bits she force-fed me were actually very sweet for grass.  Mirin chewed so much his teeth matched his sweater:


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