Barn Raising

At last, the barn actually keeps the rain out.  This was supposed to be our huge, big, extra-special project for 2014…well, we did get around to it in the end!

This will help keep the tools from rusting, keep the feed and hay dry, and will hopefully provide a spot out of the elements for processing chickens.  Last year’s chicken-harvesting downpour was not super fun.

We had such a difficult week last week, getting tangled up in some local drama/misunderstanding (my mother is cackling somewhere!), a friend’s ex-girlfriend’s daughter committed suicide and although I did not know her well, it is still so horrible and sad…

This past weekend I just felt so….miserable.  Depressed.

My mom spent all week working on a Christmas letter to send out.  We tried to remember what we had done last year.  All I remember is having whooping cough and a hive rash for weeks, etc, etc.  But we looked over the blog for pictures, and there were all kinds of wonderful things that happened!  Rose lost her first teeth.  June Bug had twins.  The feast of Persian food we made.  All the garden vegetables.  The peaches and blueberries.  I was so glad to be reminded of those things.

The whole year looked so cheerful and productively busy.  But – here I am, feeling so tired and grouchy, and there are cactus spines in my ankles from weeding the orchard.

Writing this, Clothilde is on my lap, nursing.  She’s so happy and cheerful, so glad to be here, enjoying life!  She’s got such a spark.  That sense of gladness is something to carry with you no matter what.

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