Nature Finds: Toad-in-the-hole

For years now I had thought that all the little holes we saw every where were from mice, but we recently discovered that they are actually toad holes.  That must be how they stay cool and hydrated during the hot day.

One evening when we were out finishing the chores around dusk, one little toad came out and hopped across the cardboard for the garden.  We saw him poop, pee, and gobble up a little roach.  Clothilde was entranced by him.

 Coyote tracks in the sand. I’ve always heard that coyotes are not native to Florida.  The Florida Wolf was the large canine predator until they were purposely hunted to extinction.  Coyotes were brought to Florida from out west for sportsmen to hunt, and were accidentally released from hunting preserves.

This picture was not at the farm.  When we first started up at the farm, there was an old coyote burrow in a former gopher tortoise hole, but it had been abandoned.  All the neighbors told us they had tried to keep goats, but the coyotes ate them all.  That’s why we have Belle, our Great Pyrenees.  She keeps coyotes and stray dogs from hurting the livestock.

Coyotes are very shy, and I have only seen one once in person.  It was at a huge land preserve that my parents were doing some sort of insect research at.  Hardly anyone ever went out there.  We came across one just standing around in the middle of a dirt road.  It was very surprised to see us and disappeared quickly.

Raccoon print here, of course.  You can also see how much it has rained by all the raindrop marks left in the sand!

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