Travel Journal 5: The Rose Garden

Santa fe

My last day – i was busy with an art project and packing, so made just a short excursion out to stretch my legs to the Harvey Cornell Rose Park.

Rose 1

Gosh, i had totally forgotten what it’s like to walk somewhere on your own. Honking horns, men at stop lights mumbling creepy unintelligible things things ending in “beautiful”, and construction workers whistling out the window as they drove by accompanied me there.  

Rose 2

  I blame it on the very large, eye-catching sunhat i brought all the way from Florida to shade me from the desert sun. 

Rose 3

The last time i traveled i had my giant Teenager who loves weightlifting and throwing himself into sporty combat beside me. I guess i have not appreciated how nice it is to have a big, muscly guy with you.

Rose 4

When i told him how much i missed him this time, he said HE was harassed just after getting a hair cut this week! He and a friend were walking home from the barber shop with their shirts off, and a car full of college girls went by honking and hooting at them.
Rose 5

 Of course he had a totally different reaction, and felt it was an affirmation of the attractiveness of the haircut. He flexed his muscles for them as they went by.  

Rose 6

The rose park was a long, narrow park between two roads. 

One end was a soft, inviting green lawn with trees and shrubs. The other half was slightly terraced, with a dry fountain and over a hundred roses.
Rose 7

There were all kinds – single roses, frilly roses, soft violet roses, bright glowing pink roses, huge roses, little fairy roses. 
Rose 8

All colors were blooming – yellow, pink, blood red, white, apricot and the ones with several different colors, or pale pink one the inside and dark on the outside. 
Rose 9

I wished i lived in a place where roses grew better! My daughter Rose and i have a dream of creating a rose garden at the farm some day. 

Rose 10

Rose 11

I’ve discovered several things about these two days in my own:

1. As annoying as other people can be, everything is also way more fun and interesting with them around. 

2. It’s really hard for me to cook a just-one-person-sized meal

3. I get a lot more focused work done when my family isn’t around.

4. I find it easier to sleep around animals and all their noises. 

5. Even expensive food bought at a restaurant or a grocery store isn’t nearly as good as what i have home grown. 
Rose 12

It was a fun trip, but I’m glad to be home!

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  1. simplywendi says:

    thank you for sharing the beauty! 🙂


    1. Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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