Travel Journal 5: The Rose Garden

My last day – i was busy with an art project and packing, so made just a short excursion out to stretch my legs to the Harvey Cornell Rose Park. Gosh, i had totally forgotten what it’s like to walk somewhere on your own. Honking horns, men at stop lights mumbling creepy unintelligible things things…

Travel Journal 3: Chapels and Roses 

We spent the day touring and shopping for the children back home. It’s funny how we are so used to doing everything for our children, that now without them it’s a little like being lost. When we see pinecones on the ground, or the cottonwood fluff we reminisce about how much they would enjoy collecting…

Travel Journal 3: The Monastary Garden

The monastery near the Roman-Gaulish ruins had a beautiful garden we explored. It was large and diverse, with large rose beds first, and tall trellises for climbing roses. There were so many lovely colors and shapes, including a violet rose. Beyond this were the most beautiful flower beds planted according to color in geometric patterns….

May Roses

The roses are blooming, the queen of any garden. The goats had eaten all but one of my roses i started many years ago from cuttings, and just this spring i bought new bare root plants to replace them, and it is wonderful to see them bloom for the first time, all different beautiful pinks….