A Parting

A quick walk through the garden this morning…. 

This was my most beautiful summer garden, full to the brim with flowers and herbs, rambling vines, beautiful fruits, sweet corn and sorghum, sweet potatoes and cassava. 

It is at the turning point, when the sunflowers have started to shrivel up and it becomes jungly.

In this climate the weather tips from the deep winter and the rooty, leafy vegetables of the North, into balmy European midsummer when the poppies bloom and the golden barley is ripe for the dry season….

…proceeding to the hot, dry climate and cooling fruits of the Mideast and arid parts of India, before descending horribly into the hot, sticky, insect-rung bowels of equatorial Africa, when wading in to pick an over-ripe cucumber is like finding Stanley.

A garden is in so many ways a manifestation of the self. Physically, this is the land i am made from, the micro ecology here lives with me always in sacred partnership, and my favorite vegetables i have saved seed from season after season know me and know this place. 

 Also it is here often, in the solitude of vines and flowers, i find the quiet presence of Love walk beside me, and the landscape of my life manifests here in the layout and tending of this intimate place.

I think it is good to know these questions:

What landscape are you drawn from? What thrives and flourishes in the secret garden of your heart?
Whether or not you know the answers.

It is a melancholy walk through this morning, because i am saying goodbye to this garden, and even the best of partings has a spot of sadness in it. 

My son and I are leaving this afternoon for France, where we will stay and work on organic farms (WWOOFing). I am equal parts excited and anxious to meet new people and places, to learn new things, but of course there is so much to leave behind here. 

Ethan will be holding down the homestead here while we are gone. He says he will try to write here, and maybe even post some dad recipes!

I am not sure what it will be like to be traveling, but I hope to also post about the farms where we will be staying, so things will be a little different here until the end of August when we return. 

 Wishing you a beautiful summer!

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  1. wow it looks amazing, love an overgrown grown full of treasures. did you make the baskets? I look forward to reading of your adventures.


    1. I didn’t make them but I love that they are fair trade certified and I bought them at a local store. Thanks!


  2. tonytomeo says:

    You know, my ideal garden is not much of a landscape at all, but merely a utilitarian vegetable garden, with everything in neat rows and squares. The fruit trees should be in a grid patter like those in the orchards. Unfortunately, it does not work so well in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where we must garden around big redwoods and the steep terrain.

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    1. Me too but somehow it never works out that way when I start planting. …I have lots of grid garden plans that look very neat in pencil.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tonytomeo says:

        Oh yes, they start out neat that way.

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