First Calf of Fall

I was just telling someone that Geranium looked as if she was going to calve any day.  She was huge,  and her udder had started to fill.  Still,  it was a bit of a surprise to walk up to the cows and find a beautiful new calf on the ground,  already licked clean and shiny.  Geranium always looks extremely pregnant,  even when she’s not (this is a flattering figure for a cow actually).  We’ve been used to her looking like there will be a calf any day,  and still 3 weeks later, nothing. 

One lovely things about Geranium is that she almost always has girls.  Flora,  Chestnut, Holly, and Lichen are all her beautiful daughters that have given us calves of their own,  all with Geranium’s graceful nose.  This new little one is a girl,  too.  Welcome,  little Daisy!

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