In The Garden: Tomatoes and Sweet Corn

Rose with Zinnia


sweet corn


bush beans


heirloom tomatoes


peppers and tomatoes


summer veggies


Finally something other than squash and cucumbers in the garden!  The sweet corn is ready! I have missed sweet corn fresh from the garden!  I haven’t planted any for the past couple of years.  I have to get it in early if I am going to plant it, so it won’t cross-pollinate with the Dudley field corn.

Lots of rain made it difficult to get into the garden to harvest this past week.  I sent the girls to look for things when the sun came out for a few minutes, but from the piddly harvest they brought back, I knew there had to be more…and there was. We found Ronde de Nice zucchinis the size of Clothilde’s head, and Rose screamed when I pulled out a huge cocozelle zucchini longer than one of Clo’s legs. Actually, we could probably have made a little Clothilde out of squash and cucumbers!  Not only that, but the okra has begun, and I missed it before it got too long.  I picked it back and fingers crossed I can keep up with it now. This seems to be the most difficult part of growing okra.

The rain has made the zinnias turn out just HUGE.  I love these royal purple zinnias!

The tomatoes are just turning red,  and it is so nice to have fresh tomatoes again! Store tomatoes, you just don’t compare!  I can’t even remember the name of this striped tomato. It is tasty and very pretty. It was a packet of free seeds from Baker Creek, and had some pretentious name attached to it like Vernisage Verte Et Violete or something-or-other-thingummy.

I was wondering what I was going to do with the huge bowl of snap beans, the huge pile of zucchini, and the huge bowl full of cucumbers when my mom showed up.  I bagged up a bunch of it for her, and she walked out with an armful of vegetables. Visitors beware!

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