yellow mustard flowers


carrots, red kale, and napa cabbage


dill flowers

chicksaw plum blossoms

peach flowers

I love spring!

The winter garden has burst into lacy yellow, white and pink blossoms.  The tender, bright green leaves of the trees begin to soften the bare branches, and you can smell flowers on the breeze.  The pastures have lost their stark, crackly brown look, and the sweeping broomsedge leftover from the fall is taken over by the greening pastures.  The grasses are cropped short from the last fall grazing, and it looks like a beautiful park in the pastures under the fresh, green cherry trees.  The long-looked-forward-to carrots are ready, the eggs and cream are plentiful, and the greens in the garden are still sweet from the occasional cold weather.

In between the hot, dry days and the damp, cold days, are the perfect weather days, with the sky so clear and blue you can hardly believe it, and the air so glorious and dreamy, I never want to go inside.  The new goat kids, the calves, the piglets, and the chicks run and leap and explore their surroundings with fearless young energy.  Rabbits and frosts have not yet dashed my hopes  for the summer garden.

It feels like anything could happen in the spring, wonderful things….disappointments, too, of course, but those are difficult to imagine in the beautiful spring sunshine.

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  1. Emma@ Misfit Gardening says:

    Beautiful photos, it’s great to see Spring is on the way!


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