Roselle, Early Cassava, and Eggplants

I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the roselle this year.  Despite the serious neglect this year, there wasn’t the usual mortality rate on the transplants, and we ended up with six enormous bushes.  They are all flowering at once.  I picked the whole gallon pail full off of only one side of the row.  There are two and a half gallons of roselle soda fermenting on the dining room table – exciting, because it’s so good and everyone guzzles it as soon as it’s ready, but I would also like to use my table again.  There are still Ethan’s pickled hot peppers, two gallons of brine he made a week ago, and several pumpkins that are hogging a whtreatole half of it.  We barely can squeeze in to eat a meal together.
I am starting to harvest the cassava already.  I had previously waited until November, but I am needing to pull them early because they are shading the fall/winter garden.  I’ve never it grow so tall.  It really likes the compost beds and the sandy soil.  It’s nearly 12 feet this year.  The roots seem more tender and better quality being pulled earlier, even the very large root was tender.
The eggplants and peppers are feeling the same way I do – they are coming back to life and flowering again.  I was surprised to find so many eggplants on them (I picked the yellow ones for seed – I don’t think they would be edible at that point).  I also found several Alma paprika peppers ripe (not pictured because I ate them – unwisely, as it turned out.  I didn’t realize they could get that spicy!  My face was numb for quite awhile afterwards.)
This seems to be the last of our summer garden!  Looking forward to fall greens!

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