I’m sorry I haven’t been writing!  I realized that this makes a whole year that I have been dedicatedly writing here – and then was forced to take a break by computer problems.

Easter was wonderful….it was just right.  Not too busy or full, just right.  Painting blown eggs for our Easter tree, grain-free cupcakes with three different icings (strawberry, blueberry and peach made lovely spring colors), and dying hard-boiled eggs for Sunday’s egg hunt.  Natural dyes again this year, although again the red cabbage blue did not turn out for me.  Somehow it never does.  I was pleased to use a tiny, stunted one from the garden, and then it just made the faintest  greenish hue.  So we didn’t have blue until the children went outside and picked spiderwort flowers and mulberries – those made lovely blues and purples.

It’s been a very productive week – lots done in the garden, little nagging projects finally neatly tied up.  I’ve been having panic attacks late at night because of the impending trip to France, but otherwise all okay.  Ethan found some wonderful cider on sale with only fermented apple juice (so hard to find!) that has been very helpful for sleeping.  I never hardly drink, so it knocks me out.

More tommorrow, I hope!  The spring weather is calling me outside….hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!

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