In the Garden: Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi

As I have said before, the winter garden is in decline, but we are still suffering through the kohlrabi.  Well, perhaps suffer is too strong a word, because I really do like it, although it doesn’t seem as versatile as the lettuce was, when you eat it every night for dinner (and lunch).  While it has really helped fill in the gap between the summer and winter garden, I certainly won’t start quite so many next season.

The kale, at least, has offered some relief.  Despite his misgivings, Ethan found he really does like kale chips.  Our kale chips are not low-fat, nor vegetarian, being made with lard, which he particularly enjoys.  He says we are all set to ruin a vegan pot-luck now.

The flowers this spring have been so pleasing and beautiful.  The dill flowers are gorgeous with a few sprigs of flowering mustards and radishes, and the snap dragons eventually did bloom, and are very lovely.

Last night I pulled the largest beets I’ve ever grown for dinner.  I pulled some extra for beet kvass, too, something I haven’t had for a long time.

Despite the peppers having been frosted by the cold spell, I have more than I could ever fit in the space I have started, so I have replaced them.  Different kind, unfortunately, but I am hoping it’s not too late to start them again.  Peppers like the fall, too, and actually produce better quality peppers later in the year, after the August hot spell.

Yesterday I planted another row of tomatoes, and I noticed the first-planted ones already have green tomatoes on them!

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