Nature Finds: Bagworm and Wingless Moth

The insect life has mostly been hunkering down and hiding through the cold spells (which have been very long this year), but the slightly warming weather has brought a few cool nature finds out of the woodworks.

The first photo was easy – it’s a bagworm.  I love the way they make their cocoons from sticks and things.  This one looks like a strange little log cabin!

The second photo was unusual – we thought maybe some sort of beetle larva.  My dad, the entomologist, is who we go to for unknown nature ID, says it is a wingless moth.  Some moths have wingless females.  They are usually smaller, this was an unusually large lady.  He wasn’t sure exactly which one it was, and he couldn’t identify it from the photo.  We were pleased – first time finding a wingless moth!

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