In the Garden: Green and Growing

I forgot to do a garden post last week!  But the garden new is good news – everything is green and growing.  No more rabbit damage so far.  I planted a whole row (the one Clothilde is tugging on) of new lettuce starts from Forage.  Melissa Desa gave out starts for many different lettuce varieties for people to try.   I have Crisp Mint, Forellenschluss, Drunken Woman, Red butter head – or something like that, anyway.  I think I got six different ones.  They look happy to be planted.

The turnips seem to have swelled into big turnips.  I pulled a bunch of them and re-planted the row.  They are nice and sweet this year.

I have a few of the Chinese cabbage left.  They are so big and beautiful!  The savoy cabbage and red cabbage that was started at the same time is only just beginning to make heads.  I might just grow this cabbage next year!  It’s easy and makes wonderful kraut.

The onions are doing well….and the rabbits left me ONE Brussels sprout plant at least.  It’s doing something strange with it’s leaves.  I think it’s trying to make Brussels sprouts.  I’ve never been able to grow them to this point.  Either they get frozen or a rabbit eats them usually, so I’m interested in seeing what happens.

The kale is slowly recovering from being nibbled to nubs.  I might even get a little this year, if the rabbit problem continues to be solved.

I saved the most exciting news for last – there are beets -yes, BEETS, growing in my garden!!
I’m sure it’s not as exciting to anyone else.  This is the first year I’ve had a whole row of beets that look this promising.  I guess I must be doing something right.

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