Four Generations

Christmas day was, as usual, very full.  I think we definitely made the most of the season, even if we never managed to put up a tree or lights or anything.  At least we did the snowflakes.  Not to mention pumpkin pie, the Angel chimes, gingerbread men, caroling in the neighborhood, and a wreath (Mirin just made it one day – I guess that was his favorite tradition).

We always start out Christmas with my family (we used the tree at my mom’s house) before driving down to St. Petersburg to visit with Ethan’s extended family at his grandmother’s house.  It’s fun – there are lots of uncles and aunts and grown-up cousins.  Our children are the only children now, so they get doted on by everyone.

Ethan’s grandmother turned 96 this year.  It’s not often that there are four generations under one roof!  It has been a rough year for her, and we were thankful to spend at least one more Christmas with her again.

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