Christmas Eve Feast

We celebrate Christmas three times – the result of having lots of family close by.  Christmas Eve is when we celebrate dinner with my family, tomorrow will be with Ethan’s extended family, and probably over the weekend we’ll have a smaller, quieter celebration with just Ethan’s parents.  Whew!  And somehow I ended up making most of the Christmas Eve dinner.  It was because we found one of our turkeys from last year in the freezer, and I was afraid my mom would do something awful to it.  They are too precious.

And so because of my attachment to our farm-raised bird, I have found myself making stuffing, giblet gravy, a beautiful green salad with like 10 different kinds of greens from the garden, a Buche du Noel, and sweet potato and pumpkin casserole with home-made marshmallows.  There was only a minor crisis last night when we realized we forgot to get the turkey out, but thank goodness the weather is warm – practically hot and sultry – and it defrosted perfectly overnight.

Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope your celebrations are magical and your turkey is moist!

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