In the Garden

Brrrr…’s cold out there.  Last night it was around 38 F and we were forking the last bit of a load of horse manure onto another garden bed.  My face was so cold it was hard to talk.  The hoops and plastic have seem to have worked for frost protection. Only the tender nasturtiums froze, and they were mostly for color. There were also a few chewed-off leaves from a rabbit casualty.  The kale seems to have doubled in size in the past week, and the herbs are not only finally visible, they are ready to be used.   The frost should sweeten all the greens up.

The collards and cauliflower amazed me when I saw them again over the weekend.  I remembered them as tiny starts.  There were even some sugar snap peas ready, but they did not make it into the kitchen (or the picture).   No matter how many I plant, there never seems to be enough.

I adjusted the rabbit netting a little to try to tighten it up.  The daikon radishes are ready to be pulled. All this seems to have happened at once!

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