Persimmon Picking

The cool weather from the weekend has worn off.  It was back to hot and sticky (92F yesterday), but it was overcast and some little sprinkling showers helped.  We stopped by a persimmon orchard on the way to the farm yesterday afternoon and picked a bunch of persimmons.  We’ve gotten some from our trees this year, but they are just so good.  They are the closest thing to candy we eat around here, and so much better, too.  Sugary sweet and almost a taste of caramel.  It was so fun to wander through the beautiful, laden trees finding ripe ones.

There were a lot of green ones hanging on the trees, but a few were the proper glowing orange.  We picked some that were close to being ripe to ripen in bowls of rice at home.  I was impressed with how many varieties were planted.  There were some very large and very strange ones that were split into fingers at the ends.  We found a few non-astringent ones.

The orchard was owned by a man who I bought fruit trees from years ago.  I was surprised that he still remembered me.  He noticed our family had grown and helped us get the long-handled clippers and baskets.  He also ended up giving us a little discount and insisting we take even more persimmons for free.

Not only did we return home with bags full of delicious fruit, it was also a wonderful time.

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