This weekend the weather was perfect.  It was warm but not hot and the air felt pleasantly dry, like a humid day in Southern California, or like Pennsylvania in July.  It did not seem like Florida at all.  For the first time since summer really began, we went out and had a major work weekend at the farm.  It was so encouraging.  I’ve been really getting on to myself about how lazy I’ve felt.  There is so much to do to get ready for fall.  On weekdays we’d try to get out there early to have time for extra work and then we’d get rained out.  Saturday morning would roll around and I would feel like I couldn’t move until the afternoon, and then we’d get rained out.  It’s been a little frustrating.

So this weekend was blissful.  It’s amazing what a change in temperature can do to one’s morale.  It was still very warm, but not so warm that when I was working in the garden in the very middle of the day I didn’t get lightheaded and feel like I was getting heat stroke as I’d had happen this past summer.

The cows, goats and pigs were all near where we worked all day.  Often I would pause for a moment to wipe sweat out of my eyes and catch sight of the cows leisurely chewing cud in the shade, or the goats luxuriating in the soft, cool leaf litter and watching me toil with a look that said, “Why how entertaining that person is,” in their eyes.

We stopped by the horse boarding place and picked up some manure for the garden – something we’ve been meaning to do for a month now.  We have all five beds built, but not completely manured and hayed yet.

The fall/winter garden has finally begun, and the Pak Choy, Bekana, Napa cabbage, and Tatsoi have been planted.

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