Double Digits

Mirin turned 10 yesterday!  We’re into the double digits now, and that seems impossible.  There are so many September birthdays in our family!  On Wednesday we’re celebrating with my brother, and later in the month is my mother-in-law’s birthday.

We had a simple celebration with just family at home.  One of the highlights was receiving two Magic the Gathering decks from his uncle.  By the end of the day Rose was requesting when her birthday was going to be.  After dinner she had what Ethan started calling OSAD, or “Other Sibling Attention Disorder,” and was in tears.  I realized it must be very difficult for her with both other siblings having birthdays within one week.  (She only has a month to wait for hers, but that’s like forever when you’re six).

This is our first “real” week of back-to-homeschool.  The past two weeks we were just getting into a rhythm again after the hectic summer.  The children kept asking me for more to do.  We’ll see how it turns out now.  Today we begin with a story about the letters for first grade called “The Prince’s Adventure.”  For fourth grade we start Norse Mythology, tricky Celtic knot Form Drawing, math practice and macramé. 

Have a great start to your week!

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