Twilight Dim

 Now that we are bringing the goats down to be milked again, we have been having some trouble with Twilight Sparkle.  She has turned out to be one of those animals that can’t figure out the whole gate thing.  It seems like there’s always at least one.  One evening I was finished with the milking and was trying to walk them back to their pasture, and everyone else had figured out how to get out of the gate and walk towards the path…except Twilight Sparkle.  I spent fifteen minutes trying desperately to guide her out towards the gate, with no success.  Then Ethan came over and we both tried chasing her out of the gate, with no success.  Someone mentioned drop-kicking her at one point.  The other goats, bored with all of this, moved on and began raiding the barn.  We finally managed to shoo her out, and even then, at the last minute, she hesitated and almost ran back inside the fence.

It’s really unbelievable, because she can squeeze through all the gates when she wants to!  Every day while I am milking Cricket and Firefly, she squeezes through and makes trouble for me.  Yesterday I had shooed her away from jumping on me while I was milking Firefly, and I heard a desperate, strangled, “Maahhh!”

I looked up in time to see Twilight Sparkle trying to jump through the fence (only twelve inches away from the gate she had just squeezed through), get her head stuck, and flop back on her back with all four legs waving in the air.  It was the silliest thing I’ve ever seen a goat do.

So we are in for some trouble with this one.  Yes, she is beautiful, and has huge amber magic-unicorn eyes, but she can’t figure out a gate to save her life.  I just hope she makes a lot of milk eventually.

And speaking of silly things the goats have done, May got a bouquet of daisy fleabane stuck under her scur!  She is not photogenic, however…
This was the best picture we got.

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