Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny today!

Despite the warming weather, it is so nice to have yarn and needles in my hands again!  I won’t even talk about all the things that had to be cleared away so I could get this picture – and the baby feet still made it in!  (these baby feet wouldn’t have missed out for the world, of course).

I am knitting a Phoebe’s Sweater for Clothilde.  I’ve had this book for years and have always intended to make Rose one and give her the book and the sweater for her birthday.  I had really hoped to right after Clothilde was born, because the story is about a new sibling.

For some reason, I always found it hard to begin – not wanting to carry the book around with me to knit it so it would be a surprise, but not having time to copy it out.

Well, I’ve at last made a start!  I’m knitting a small one for the littlest daughter first (I thought it wise to start small, just in case), and I have been really enjoying the slip-stitch pattern. It’s just different enough to keep things interesting, but I can still read in the truck and knit on the way to the farm.

Also, a funny wool incident-  I was washing my winter wool yesterday to put away because the weather has been so hot and dry.  I had just finished spinning the water out of the last sweater, unrolled everything from the towels and had it laid nicely on my laundry tree – when the bottom fell out of the sky and it began to pour!  I quickly brought everything inside, and unfortunately the only place in my house without wood floors that won’t mind the drips is my super-tiny kitchen.
Too many cooks is nothing compared to having to share with a laundry tree!  I hope today will be properly hot and dry again…

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