Fruit,  Nut, and Chocolate Easter Nibbles

I didn’t mean to skip this past week’s blog post,  but the weather has been so wonderful,  and we have been so busy in the kitchen,  in the garden,  wandering the beautiful pastures,  and celebrating spring that the days slipped by, days full of fun, sun,  work, and beauty.

The natural dyes turned out very nice this year,  made from beets, blueberries,  and turmeric. We mixed the colors with interesting results.  The goose eggs were a challenge because they were so large and made the dye cups overflow, but they made things interesting and it was nice to have a few white shelled eggs to dye. 

The new batch of spring chicks is peeping in the brooder, and we have been baking and baking. Delicious Poppyseed Easter bread, to follow the family tradition,  but also a triple batch of cream puffs, to be filled with vanilla,  chocolate,  and strawberry whipped cream.

We always try our very best to avoid things like candy on Easter,  opting for real eggs instead of plastic candy-filled ones,  and baking grain-free, honey-sweetened cup cakes  (or this year,  the fancy cream puffs) instead of having chocolate Easter bunnies.  But this year my oldest made the request,  accompanied by eye-rolling,  for “something good for once, like chocolate.” 

So this is what we will have in our Easter baskets tomorrow morning. None of it is homegrown,  but that’s why it’s a rare treat, not everyday fare.  And while it still has some sugar and chocolate involved, it is diluted by healthier things,  and is still far more wholesome than standard Easter candy. 

Fruit, Nut, and Chocolate Easter Nibbles

1 part walnuts

1 part pecans

1/2 part macadamia nuts (because they are so shockingly expensive…. If you can afford it,  add more)

1 part good-quality chocolate chips ( we used the organic fair trade dark chocolate ones) 

Several whole mejool dates per person

1 part dried figs

1 part dried apricots

1/2 part dried sour cherries

1/2 part crystallized ginger

  1. In a bowl mix everything except the dates. 
  2. Fill small paper or plastic bags,  evenly distributing the dates,  and tye with a pretty ribbon or yarn.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. 

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