Local Dad Finds One Cool Trick For Storing Tons of Back Fat

Ethan got out the meat grinder and tons of frozen back fat the other day in an effort to create more freezer space.  It seems to work really well storing the fat like this.  It doesn’t get moldy or go rancid the way rendered fat does.  You just chip off what you need and throw it in a pan to render when needed.  It’s so much easier than tending a bubbling pot of hot fat, trying to pour the results into a jar without clogging the drain, and burning the cracklings.


Step 1:  Cut back fat into strips.  Cut the skin off by holding the knife down and at an angle, and pulling the strip towards you (I’m sure there are youtube videos on this – it isn’t difficult, but is hard to describe).

Step 2:  Run through a meat grinder with the coarsest plate so that it comes out as little cubes.  Have it feed straight into a plastic freezer bag (pre-labeled.  Sharpie doesn’t write through lard or tallow).  This reduces the amount of dishes you have to wash afterwards (or actually for your wife to wash, because you probably “forget” about them, too).

BONUS COOL TRICK:  Use plastic bags with the little sliders so you aren’t fumbling and trying to seal them with grease-covered hands.


Step 3:  Press air out of bags to make them even smaller.  Then, if available, use toy rolling pin from the kids’ handy wooden kitchen you always knock your shins on to form fat-filled bags into stackable shapes.  Presto!  Now you have freezer space again.

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