Digging in the garden


Climate change has been on my mind this strange autumn.  Not that I can do much about it.  But it’s the time of year when the antlered reindeer fly in the midnight sky – coming to us from the old myths of Cernnunos and Deer Woman – the old ones who lead the sacred hunt in pursuit of those who violate the laws of life, catch them, and bring them the deserved justice of their actions.

I’m feeling optimistic about my garden these days.  Although it got a late start, it’s doing quite well.  I was berating myself the other day for getting such a late start – last year we were eating well out of it by October.

The turnips and radishes are finally ready to pull.  It’s been so hot they aren’t sweet this year.  We’ve had some very fiery and strong-flavored turnips for dinner.  I like to think I’ve been somehow in sync with the hot, hot autumn this year.  It’s just now getting cold, and I’m just now getting around to the cool-weather garden.

My third round of starts worked out…they are looking very green, happy and optimistic.  Everything is thriving, and it makes me happy.


The girls are delighted with pulling the radishes for kimchi.  We found a really cool mannish radish.  It reminds me of a Roman statue:

The radish tops are so spicy, I’ve been giving them to the pigs.  You have to look at this picture carefully to see what scale it’s at (the two tree trunks in the background are actually Star’s muddy legs).

It was very tentative, but we put the four feeder pigs from the spring in the garden to root it up and clear it out.  The rabbits are getting my peas and broccoli again (what is it about peas and broccoli that attracts them so????).  The best and most effective way to deal with them is to clear out all the brush they hide in.  A huge old owl comes and hunts by the garden every night, and as long as she can see them, there’s no danger of them making the run over to the garden across along field.  The pigs have been well-behaved (and delighted with the forage) so far, but I am always nervous about them getting out and eating my vegetables.

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