This week has been full of Nutcracker performances – it’s Rose’s second year, and she’s a soldier again.  It’s a fun part, and she has really enjoyed it so far.  Clothilde went to the school show this morning and loved it.  She’s been waking up so early this week (before it is even light out).  While exhausting, it has been helpful for getting Rose up and ready for the early shows.  She’s not usually such an early riser.

This year for the party last weekend I had offered chocolate chip cookies and homemade chocolate marshmallows for roasting.  I know lots of other people’s children can handle chocolate perfectly fine.  Mirin, afraid he wouldn’t get enough cookies, and hid a bunch of them before he had finished eating dinner.  We were too busy to really closely supervise Clothilde, and she found his stash and ate enough of it that her breath reeked of chocolate.  The next morning she tump-tumped out of bed with unusual energy and squealing laughter.  That was the beginning of the early mornings this week.

On Tuesday I found the chocolate marshmallows still in the van – they had been forgotten in the back seat Saturday night.  They were fine, just a little stale.  Clothilde saw them and said, “I want to chocolate.”

She uses the word as a verb!

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