Several Things

We’ve had a quiet past two weeks…I had a very small hand in Thanksgiving this year.  It was spent with lots of family, mostly Ethan’s family.  My brother got stuck talking to Ethan’s crazy uncle for a long time (“who was that guy?” he asked my parents later.  “Angie warned us about him,” my mom said).

Otherwise we are wrapping up our home schooling for 2015, and holiday plans are coming forward.  Very small holiday plans this year, like getting out the angel chimes and maybe making paper snowflakes – maybe.

I am finally getting around to planning the birthday party (x3…we do one birthday party for all three children).  It will be nice to get so many of our friends together.

We found this little snake stuck in a hole in a gate – he had crawled in and couldn’t crawl out again.  It took a lot of fiddling to get him free, and he was very glad to go on his way again.

But the big news….

Star had another litter of piglets!  Ethan was out early on Thanksgiving to do all the chores so we could spend the rest of the day with family.  He called to report that he thought Star was going to have piglets…..and then he discovered they had already been born!

She made a lovely nest for them with pine needles.  They are so sweet with their tiny little ears that flap when they run.  They have been out of the nest now for several days, wandering and rooting around like miniature big pigs.  Now that the weather has (finally) gotten a little cold, I found them stacked up in a little pile yesterday.


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