Rain, Rain, Rain

A gorgeous Imperial moth that was in the barn

Really the only one word sums up the past few days – sopping.  Buckets of rain.  Three inches in one afternoon (in the space of a couple of hours).  That was the day I felt like I was walking through a sprinkler.  The afternoon sun was still shining, like a bright pearly dot through the clouds, making all the yellows and greens jump out at you.  These rain storms have not had much lightening, thank goodness.  It’s really the lightening I don’t like.  I don’t mind the flickering heat lightening, or the thunder.  It’s the violent, earth-crashing lightening.  There have been trees out at the farm that have been hit.  Mirin found a fine glass tube made from a lightening strike on the last grazing line.  I always hide in the sweaty, suffocating truck when that kind of lightening is out.  Ethan just laughs at me, and keeps doing his chores.

We started back with homeschool this week.  Today was better.  Yesterday was hard.  Everyone had a tantrum at me yesterday, but Mirin had the most. Apparently anything more rigorous than summer vacation makes him flip out.  I am not terribly sympathetic, especially as his first day “back-to-school” involved sleeping in until ten, playing with toys in the morning, and only two and a half hours of focus (all review), and a painful math-practice of carrying and borrowing that involved three whole problems.  (There were supposed to be more – we only got through three before he became insensible).

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