Changes in the Air

May got half of a poke bush stuck on her head!

In-town it is still very hot and muggy, with clouds of mosquitoes.  But at the farm there are hints of fall.  It’s still hot, and it’s still humid, but there’s something about the air.  The smells are different, and in the eveinings cool breezes sweep across the pastures.

My kids are desperate for Christmas.  Somehow August always makes me feel that way, too.  More because of longing for changing weather than for presents and holiday madness.  A few days ago they clamored to bake gingerbread cookies (we did), and yesterday Rose brought in a sprig of Azalea as tiny Christmas tree.

Yesterday I was surprised at how cool it was in the evening.  Huge, billowy clouds came over the Eastern horizon – the kind with lumpy faces.  They loomed over the field where I was moving the goat fence like floating lamps, flickering inside and out with lightening.  One of them appeared to overtake the almost-full moon and swallow it up.  Later, when we were driving away and it was dark, the moon escaped again, lighting up the whole edge with silver. 

 There are changes in the air.

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