In the Garden: Savoy Cabbage and Kohlrabi

It’s been so beautiful – except for Tuesday, of course.  That was an awfully dreary day, although I’m sure the rye loved it.  Hopefully the Snow Queen’s blossoms didn’t freeze in the cold spell last night.  The garden is put to bed under the cold-protection again.

The savoy cabbage was ready – it turned out not to be as sweet and flavorful as the red cabbage was, but it made a very nice head.  I still have five more plants – I have to plant more next season!  I tell myself this now when the weather is cool, but planting more will involved toiling in the August sun to build garden beds – I’ll have to see if I really like cabbage that much then.

There’s been much work on the summer garden.  All the solanaceous beds are built (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, ground cherries).  That was nine long beds in all.  Now I’m working on the more forgiving number of squash, cucumber, and melon beds.  There’s plenty of hay and manure to pick up from around where the cows’ round bales were.

I pulled a couple of kohlrabi’s for dinner the other night, not realizing what enormous vegetables they are (the bulbs looked so small!).  I’ve never grown them before.  Last year a fellow gardening friend of mine went on and on about how easy they are to grow, cook, pickle.  I cooked them up in some butter.  They made a massive pot of greens, and I liked the flavor (my family doesn’t get very excited about vegetables) – sort of a strong broccoli taste.  They also add lovely color to the winter garden, so I’ll definitely be growing them again next fall.

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