Star Returned

I forgot to mention before – Star came back.  She looks thinner than before, and we found her gobbling up the rye.  Unlike Trespassers William, she was willing enough to hop back in the electric fence for some oats.

We are re-thinking our pastured pigs.  We’ve been trying different things to figure out what works for us with our soils and pasture.  We found that in the winter they really tear the pastures up too much because there’s no grass to eat, so they are rooting up the grass roots.  But we also really need to give our woodland sacrifice area a break.  We are thinking we need to build three more smallish enclosures where they can stay during times when there’s not much to graze or forage.  From there we can let them have pasture access when the grass comes in and when the acorns drop.  It’s not ideal, but we need to have some way to control the damage they can do and spread it around so it helps stimulate the pasture, not destroy it.

I had an inspiration as well.  I thought it would be nice to grow some turnips and radishes for them to eat.  They like the greens so much, and they are such easy vegetables to grow.  It would just be all the work…but it would be so wonderful to have fresh vegetables to feed them in the winter, perhaps if we could also grow some field pumpkins during the summer, and store the wild watermelons better.  Something got in and ate them all this year!

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