Nature Finds: Lichens


Brrr……we’re getting the usual freezing cold January weather.  My uninsulated block house is like an igloo.  The walls are sweating.  The temperatures feel so extreme here.  I think it’s the humidity.  The heat is intense, and the cold is also intense!  When I lived in the mountains of North Carolina during the coldest winter of a decade, I thought coming home to Florida for Christmas would be a tropical breeze.  It’s true, it was nice and green down here, but I was colder down here than in the snow!  It’s the way the cold gets into your bones….

Ethan found some beautiful lichens at the farm.  They seem to grow very well this time of year.  The last picture is of an interesting cocoon on the side of a tree that has a flip top to it

No sign of Star yet…I hope she’s okay.

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