Celebrating and Dress Rehearsals

We hand-painted some wooden beads to make ornaments with, and they turned out very pretty.  Mirin painted some elaborate ones with sunflowers and holly.  Rose did some pretty blue and purple beads.  Clothilde made one that looks like a reindeer dropping.  The fine paintbrush was in much demand with everyone, even Clothilde.

Today is Rose’s Nutcracker dress rehearsal that she has looked forward to for so long now.  We just sent her off looking strangely grown-up with eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and mascara.  She seemed so confident and excited, the opposite of how I would feel if faced with dancing in front of crowds and crowds.

Ah, but she has loved the Nutcracker since she was three.  Her grandmother took her to an abbreviated school show that year, and she fell in love with it.  Every Christmas she has acted the story out, especially the part with Clara/Marie sleeping.  She knows the story better than I do, and amazes me by being able to recognize the music.  This is her first show that is not just a recital.  Tonight is the last practice, in costume, before the big shows begin.

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