Peppers and Roots

  The Trinidad spice pepper bushes are loaded.  They are getting a little spicy around the seeds now that the weather is cooling off, but they are such delicious peppers, great for snacking on.

We planted another bed last week.  It’s mostly roots – parsnips, beets and radishes, with lettuce between.  It’s finally cool enough for lettuce, I think.

I was watering the garden last week, and was horrified to find that something had eaten the biggest, best and most beautiful Pak Choy all the way to the ground.  My first thought was, “What monstrous rabbit got through the netting and DID this??”  Then I realized I had cut it for dinner a few days before.  Oh, yeah.  I ate it.  Duh.

I did find two wooly bear caterpillars helping themselves to the tatsoi and Napa cabbage.  One was the usual bristly kind, but the other smaller one was soft and plush.  It reminded me of a miniature yorky-poo or some little hairy dog.  It was just the right color and texture for Benji.  They were so cute I couldn’t bear to feed them to the chickens, so I gave them a stern talking to and escorted them out of the garden.  It’s true – cute fluffy things ARE harder to kill.

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