A New Roof With Dog Fennel Thatching

Since Mirin’s pit has expanded so much lately, the old tarp roof did not fit anymore, and rainwater was eroding the sides away.  He rebuilt one side of it with wood from old pallets layered with brush and dirt piled on top.  This is where the fire pit is now, and it even has a chimney.  Over the weekend we were out working in the garden, so he had plenty of time to work on it.  He cut some laurel oak saplings and set them up into a roof frame, onto which he tied  bunches of dog fennel thatching.  It looks just like a hobbit roof.  I dare say he’s learned something from building the chickee with Willie.

I finally got some sleep again and seem to be over the hives.  It’s amazing what a difference in one’s general life experience sleep can make.  Ethan spent a lot of time with Clothilde on Sunday while I started new seeds, baked a pie for my mom for her birthday (she hates cakes she said), and brought Rose to a playdate with her friend from school all afternoon.  We ended up being an hour longer at her friend’s house than I thought we would, and Ethan was really exhausted when we got home.  That’s what several hours of following Clothilde around does to someone.  He had come up with a new nickname for her – “Clothilda the Zombie Tamer” because she always has an exhausted, barely able to keep up, staggering adult following after her everywhere she goes.

On the other hand, I was amazed at how energetic I felt despite not having much sleep, and I even felt like my brain was actually able to think again that afternoon.

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