Squash of the Living Dead

Remember how I had ripped out a bunch of the squash plants to make room for a new fall planting?  The plants were yellowing and withering up, and I didn’t expect them to live another week anyway.  When I tore them out, I left the  plants in the path, expecting them to turn into organic matter.  But a week later they put out a flush of new growth and look healthier than before.

They’re even setting new fruit.  I guess that’s the creepy thing about adventitious roots.  There were groans from the family and some too-much-squash jokes.

Other than zombie squash, there’s not much fruiting.  A handful of peppers and eggplant now and then.  There’s a huge basil bush that’s taller than I am.  I have to be careful not to be swallowed by it when I walk through the path there.

There are some flowers still.  The marigolds are still pretty.

And I dare say my butterfly garden at the front was a success this year.  There are drifts of butterflies all over the flowers.  I saw a new species hanging around recently – checkered skippers. 

AND….the orchard has surprised us with some persimmons this year!  The first one we picked weeks ago.  We couldn’t remember if they were the non-astringent ones we had planted, or the astringent ones that have to be soft and mushy before they are edible.  The variety was ‘Fu Yu.”  We should have looked it up.

Ethan argued that they had the right shape to be the non-astringent ones, and it’s true.  They sure do look like the non-astringent ones.  So we took the first one home and tried to eat it.  Awful!

We joked that Fu Yu sounds a lot like “Fool You,” and left the rest of them alone.  Last night I checked the tree again and picked five.  One was the perfect glowing orange and had some bird damage.  The other four I will set in a bowl of rice to ripen.

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