Yarn Along: Picot Vests

I’ve been working on two vests for the girls with picot borders.  It’s a simple pattern that I’ve designed, and hopefully can share here when I’ve got all the details worked out.  It also involves translating my chicken scratch notations into a readable pattern – so it might take awhile!

This is the first time I’ve knitted anything with Lorna’s Laces yarn.  I went for the “Shephard Worsted” weight.  It’s soft and the colors are beautiful.  Rose picked out the ‘Clara’s Garden’, because it is pink and she has a friend named Clara.  We picked out ‘Lorna’s Purple Mustang’ for Clothilde, because it seemed to suit her. The yarn is gorgeous, but it arrived smelling like someone’s stinky shampoo or lotion.  It might be from the yarn store I ordered it from.  It was giving me a headache at first, but it’s had all week to outgas and has improved immensely.

That aside, it has been really fun to knit with variegated yarn again.  Even the long, boring body part was fun to knit because I couldn’t wait to see what the pattern would turn out like.  Clothilde’s has a dark purple swirl along the body, and cool purple stripes at the top where I worked the rows back and forth instead of in the round.

Unfortunately I can’t show it off yet because I lost my last tapestry needle and I haven’t woven the ends in, so they are all over and look raggedy.  Rose’s vest is taking a little longer to knit, being larger and all.  I’m almost ready to divide for the sleeves, which will be exciting in a knitting-kind-of-way.  (Ethan doesn’t understand how that kind of thing can be exciting, but then his eyes glaze over if I start talking about knitting.)

In the way of reading I am still making my way through the Teenage Liberation Handbook, which I have really enjoyed.

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  1. Oops … previous comment did not post. Was saying I like Lorna's Laces yarns and that your picot edges will block out well. The vests will be great!!


  2. Lily Boot says:

    Oh I know just what you mean about the excitement of dividing for the arms 🙂 My family laugh and say “Life would be so much easier if only mum could stop knitting!” The colours are lovely – and I adore picot edging. Book sounds good – I shall look out for it.


  3. Angie says:

    Good news! I am really enjoying knitting this yarn now that it doesn't smell so strongly. I will definitely try to work in some more projects with it!


  4. Angie says:

    Hee hee! Sounds familiar!


  5. CathieJ says:

    Your yarns are pretty. I am looking forward to seeing the finished vests.


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