Nature Finds: Predators/Prey

The Banana spiders are at their height these days.  They are full size and in incredible numbers.  They are especially all over the front of the milking shed, where they catch the pesky yellow flies off of Matilda.  I love looking up while I’m walking and spotting their crazy high-up webs stretched from treetop to treetop.  I always wonder just how they weave their webs that way without being able to fly.  Perhaps they are extremely good jumpers.

This one here had woven a massive web that stretched about twenty feet from an oak tree to a black cherry by the orchard, and was rewarded with a big, juicy rhinoceros beetle.

This was a spider that Ethan found on the ground, paralyzed.  A victim of a mud-dauber wasp?  Or something else?  Apparently spiders are very tasty, because lots of things eat them.  I suppose it’s the equivalent of taking down a mammoth in the insect world. Or maybe a Tyrannosaurus, something that could potentially eat you, too.

I love the way the banana spiders have fuzzy leg warmers on.

Another thing there’s a lot of right now – grasshoppers!  These two are in the process of making more.

Ah ha!  Here’s the guy who’s making all the holes in my okra! But I do like the cool patterns of dots on him.

This is a mating pair of robber flies.  They look pretty creepy, but they are great and eat all sorts of annoying insects.  I’ve never seen a pair like this before.

If you have any good nature finds to share, leave a link in the comments!

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