They are so close, these girls.  It warms my heart, and re-affirms my lifelong wish for a sister (instead of the annoying little brother I got).  If Rose does anything, Clothilde will immediately copy her exact tone and movements.  It’s so cute, but I hope for Rose it does not get burdensome any time soon.  She copies Clothilde’s “suffering infant noise” she makes if she wants anything, so it’s mutual (it’s a gently insistent eh! eh! eh! noise. Really obnoxious).  Yesterday they both put on an incredible improvisational ballet performance together in the living room for me.

Here we were watching the cows be moved along to the next paddock.  They were so excited that evening, nearly every one of them did some sort of fancy kick or toss of the horns as they ran by and it seemed like they were showing off just for us, and the girls were clapping.

(Ethan kindly cropped me out of the photo.  I seem to only be able to make strange squinty faces at a camera these days.)

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