Kids Who Like Kelp

Ethan took these pictures of Clothilde eating kelp and signing for more.
Yes, my children love eating the kelp we keep for the animals.  Free-choice kelp is supposed to be good for all kinds of things – trace minerals, offspring vigor….wait, maybe that’s why Clothilde is so exhausting!

We are going to slaughter the first meat chickens tomorrow.  They are in a really heavy coop – it’s the usual Salatin-style one, but we had to replace the screen lid with a total metal lid.  It’s a little like pulling a battleship over tall grass and blackberries.  Ethan is especially looking forward to having them in the freezer because he has to move them every day.  I’m excited, because goat and pork can get a little old if you eat them almost every meal for several months.

We roasted the first Boston Marrow pumpkin, and I’m sorry to say I wasn’t impressed.  It wasn’t like the Tahitian Melon pumpkins – love at first taste.  It’s okay, I need to narrow down my pumpkin selection.  Nine different kinds of pumpkin is really too much.

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