We had a busy weekend, but somehow we didn’t get anything done again.  That always seems to happen!  There was a birthday party at a neighbor’s house, and then it rained torrentially the rest of the time.  Our plans for fixing things up at the farm and working in the garden were dashed, so I turned my attention to the crisis of not enough freezer space (the 50 meat birds for this year are almost ready!!  Pressure!!) and the ripening tomatoes.

We made several pot fulls of tomato sauce.  I had started out plunging them into boiling water to peel them, slicing and carefully seeding them.  It was super labor-intensive.  Then Ethan had the bright idea of getting out the Foley food mill, and it’s been a breeze. I just cut them in half and boil them whole like that.  The food mill takes out all the seeds and peels.

So the piglets aren’t weaned, the baby goats aren’t weaned, the garden needs weeded and harvested, the beds for the fall garden are still unfinished, and the barn is still leaking, but at least we have lots of tomato sauce!

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