Growing Up

Only two more months before Clothilde’s second birthday….

I just got out some of Rose’s old clothes for her, and put away most of the old little baby stuff that she will not be needing now!

She is speaking so clearly now, and helps so much (more than the big kids, I might add).  Every day she helps me sweep the floors, wash dishes, put laundry away, and cook.  She is also almost completely potty trained, one of those definite “big kid” milestones.  This was not because of any effort of mine, either.  It seemed to happen all on it’s own.  Often she will not even be diapered during her nap, or ride to the farm. 

I think it was because early on we had to keep her out of the bathroom – something I never had to do for my other children.  This was because of a couple of times that she was discovered exploring the depths of the toilet, and so the bathroom became this forbidden room she was never allowed in, not even for showers, as showered scared her too much (we bathed her in a bucket instead!).

So when we finally got the little potty out, it was a great thing to be in the bathroom.   She would sit for ages on it, enjoying just being in the mysterious room at last.

Sigh….It’s certainly bittersweet not having a baby anymore, although it is very nice to to be washing diapers every day.

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