Summer Solstice

For years I’ve wanted to celebrate the summer solstice with the children, and always find myself too busy with the garden, or just lying around drooling in the shade because it’s so hot and horrible outside.  This year I managed something!

Drawing on an old Rhythm of the Home article (goodness, I miss it so much!) I created a little celebration for us yesterday.  We made a grain-free Solstice cake to eat with our summer blueberries (I love the way the recipe calls for FIVE eggs  perfect for this time of year when the egg basket is overflowing).  We also gathered bunches of long summer grass to hang on the door, along with little sun pictures we drew.  We sang our best sun songs and hung sprigs of St. John’s Wort over the doors while I told a few little stories about troublesome, naughty fairies.  The children all really liked it.  If I have more time and energy next year (please!!) I would like to add making candles, too.  I like the idea of capturing all the bright solstice light to bring with us into the shorter days.  I am also going to make some boiled sweet corn for dinner tonight – alas, not from our garden.  It was a sacrifice we had to make this year so we could grow out the Dudley farm corn.

I hope you have a wonderful summer solstice!

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  1. Angie,
    Lovely! Please post the cake recipe. I love that it is grain free.
    Stay cool!


  2. Angie says:

    Thanks, Dina!
    The cake recipe is here:

    I hope you guys are doing well! It's nice to hear from you!


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