Can you see Mirin in the tree?
Isla didn’t actually tree him – he was climbing it anyway.

Yesterday we had torrential rains, and this morning was very cool –  especially for May!  Rose had to look around for a jacket for school.  It was only 55 F, but after 89 degree weather, it feels freezing.

The ditch just beyond the driveway was all full of muddy water.  Ethan was joking that we should go “muddn.'”  It was in reference to an evening about a month ago when we were leaving late – I think it was past eight o’clock, and we saw a group of maybe three or four bros shuffling around on the side  of the ditch.  They were sheepishly tying their golf cart to a rope attached to their four-door jeep that was jammed in the mud.  Their car obviously didn’t have the off-road capabilities they thought it did.

Mirin made a great sandcastle by his pit with the damp sand.  It even had a drawbridge.

This evening our pig Star was not at her usual place at dinner.  Ethan found she had made a nest and was in the process of giving birth!  Four piglets were born when we left just now, and I think more were on the way.  These are the first piglets bred and born on our farm.  They all looked big and healthy, too.  I hope they don’t get stepped on or anything.

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