The Armory

I’ve just discovered this charming collection of tiny swords Mirin has carved to fit his wooden knight toys.  He had been very frustrated because the spears, axes and swords they had come with have largely been lost in the house vortex or have been broken – by Mirin himself in the heat of the battle, visiting friends, and “Clonan the Destroyer,” of course.

 Actually, I think Clothilde has broken most of them.  It is shocking, really, how fast the girl breaks things.

They are from black walnut, red ceder and pine he tells me.  I am amazed at his skill with a knife – when he can find his knife.  This is a reoccurring problem around here.

See, we have brownies in our house that clean things up when we’re not looking, especially if there have been constant reminders to clean such-and-such up and it hasn’t happened, or if there is a big fight about not sharing, or it makes an obnoxious noise, like the kazoo collection we somehow picked up at a friend’s wedding (what on earth were they thinking giving someone with three kids 15 kazoos?  Oh, wait, they don’t have children).   I can’t tell you how busy the “brownies” have been (ahem!) with taking away his carving knives that are left carelessly in reach of the destructive toddler.  It  happens that often the brownies just can’t remember where they put knife number 4 that was laying on the windowsill a week ago, so lately he borrows his little sister’s knife for various projects.

Rose doesn’t actually use her knife, she just keeps it around to loan it to Mirin for various extracting favors and fees.

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