Yarn Along

Baby is sleeping, so I have hands free for knitting (and a photo) and I can join in with the Yarn Along again!
I am reading Drowned Ammet by Dianna Wynne Jones.  It’s the second book in the Dalemark series.  It’s another one that we got at the library to read to the children, but we are reading it, too.  I read this series all out of order because they didn’t have the right ones at the library when we went.  The Spellcoats is by far my favorite.  It’s such an interesting way to tell a story–through a magical girl who is literally weaving the story into fabric.  I’ve been on a big Dianna Wynn Jones kick lately.  I love her writing style–in some ways it has just enough detail to give you a very specific picture, and in others it leaves a lot to imagine.  And I really like the way she writes from childrens’ perspectives, and does a really good job of it.
Teasel and I were settling down with this, and I’m working on a Camilla sweater for our friend Kollean who lives next door.  I have also knitted Rose a camilla girl in a light blue and Clothilde has a baby camilla in apricot.  Kollean has seen me knitting for my children so much, and she asked me if I would knit something for her.  I hope she likes it and her parents can cope with not putting it in the washer, which would be tragic–for me and Kollean.  I’ve secretly asked them about it before just giving it to them, and they thought it would be no problem.  You have to be careful who you knit 100% wool for.  My mother is a disaster with wool–anything that goes to her house is automatically shrunk.

Penny, our pet chicken who is not really supposed to be in the front yard, but keeps getting out today, decided to join in with us through the window!

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