February Yarn Along

This project has been driving me crazy, especially since I’ve knitted the beginning of it 4 times,  and it still doesn’t look anything like the sweater in the picture. (Yes,  the extra-large mug of chamomile tea was necessary for the nerve calming properties).

I knitted on it all through the cold weather,  during hours in the car to and from Archibald biological station, all the way to the coast and back,  and on numerous trips into town, and I still haven’t divided for the sleeves!

I don’t often struggle so much with a pattern,  and I’m realizing that it always seems to happen with patterns written by official knitwear designers.

There’s something infuriatingly over-simplistic about the wordings at critical points,  and I always seem to pick the wrong interpretation the first go-around at least!  My mind must not work the same way as those brilliant designers of wooly fashions,  though i admire their math skills. 

I’ll take a simple,  elegant,  “do your own thing, as long as you know the gauge” pattern by some brilliant and relaxed home knitter any day.  It’s somehow easier to have to figure things out on my own than to have obscure and rigid directions before me. 

In a strangely appropriate way,  I’ve also picked up a copy of Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story, to read alongside this neverending honey bee sweater, the results of which are possibly going to end up as ravelled stash yarn (i love this yellow color – a good thing,  as I’ve spent a lot of time looking at it) 

We recently finished reading his other, less well known book Momo aloud. I love the imagination that goes into his stories,  and the sense of fun.  It cheers me up and gives me hope there will be a sweater that comes off the needles someday! 

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  1. pleximama says:

    What a gorgeous yellow, and perfect for the pattern. I hope the knitting goes more smoothly soon; I’ve definitely been here before!


    1. Thank you! We’ll see what comes out of it eventually!!


  2. Pernille says:

    I loved both The neverending story and Momo as child. Maybe I should read them again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are really fun and interesting stories, and you’ll probably see different things as an adult!


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